[Originate/Story Draft] The Very First Nightmare

The Very First Nightmare



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Spitting out the candy stalk which lost its sweet tastes, D stepped into the vast forest through the way he was familiar, and with excitement he couldn’t help swaying his half-bone tail slightly. The contortion of the old vine on the left was the same as it had always been before. The fluorescent, flowering shrubs behind the darkness of bear cave grew more luxuriantly. The beehive of those tiny fairies played an elegant melody.

The superimposed, strange scars, left by himself many years ago, were still attached on the side of that poor thick-branched beech tree. But according to the fragmented memory remaining in his mind, the number of scars seemed to be a little bit larger.

“Never mind”, he thought,“Nothing but the naughtiness of a youth.”

Soon after, he walked to the end of the green path. To his surprise, a large bush of black brambles blocked the way. There were ferocious thorns that seemed to threaten everyone from passing here. 

D stopped in front of the obstacle; his front hoof knocked on the ground. But no sooner than he could let his imagination run wild, a deep voice interrupted with some anxiousness. ”Who’s there? How dare you burst into the domain of mine, the only black unicorn throughout the wor…” Echoed the voice. He suddenly recognized its owner.

Shady fog overflew through the narrow gaps between the vines and brought murderous air close. D didn’t panic at all however, withdrawing his chin instead. He dashed forward swiftly, as if he was going to run into the sharp, knife-like vine bushes with his skull covered with cracks, to commit a dumb suicide. 

At that moment, the vines vanished like they had dissolved into the fog. Just like his prediction, D ran into nothing, but the chest of his friend. Both of them uttered a small snort because of the little crash.

“Good dream, M!” D bounced around on the coming guy whose body size was far bigger than himself. Well, actually M had already appeared since he was born, so the age of this unicorn was also old, but mysterious. This even let D assume that M might be his father, but only before he witnessed the second nightmare’s birth on the Original Tree of Nightmare.

“Oh, you know unicorns hardly have dreams, don’t you?”M stamped his hoof to dispel the dark fog and rapidly changed his expression, putting up an elegant smile on his face. What couldn’t be denied was that, the appearances of D and M had lots of resemblance: the cracks on their revealing skulls, their canine teeth…The only difference was the obsidian-like horn on the forehead.

“Please…Just a greeting, M!”D prolonged the tone.

“Yes, yes, I know. So how did you flee from the Nightmare Forest under the surveillance of those codgers?”

“No! I am out in business with permission!”exclaimed D,”I’m here to investigate a case. Do you have any information about the bizarre death of six nightmares in the surrounding area? I suspect it is related to the memory of mine. You know, the only possibility of saving the Original Tree of Nightmare.”

“I’ve heard about that but,”M paused few seconds, seemed confused and shot the words fast,”why are you here in my forest? Shouldn’t you just visit the magistrate nightmare instead  of chatting with me, my little head of the clan?”

“Are you trying to enrage me and drive me away? Wait! Let me guess…” D raised his brows exaggeratedly and whistled, and after a short silence bursted into laughter,”Ah! You’ve got a girlfriend inside! Am I right?”

“…Yes, how clever you…”

D noticed that M seemed like he was releasing something while listening to the surmise. “He had never shown such tension in front of me,” thought D,” He must be hiding something.” Considering the relationship between them, the worst consequence D could imagine was to be kicked out of the forest and forbidden to meet this friend in maybe hundreds of years. Nothing big.

Therefore, he threw out the last hesitation in his mind, then took the chance bypassing his friend to discover the mystery behind.

“D! Come back you little cub!”

Immediately he heard the screaming of his cosmopolite and cultivated friend, which proved his suspicion. It was like he consumed a stimulant, opening his eyes wide and running along the path speedily. The storm he left behind kicked up no dust cloud, but instead pieces of earth skin.

“Yes! I am gonna find something important and get the memory back!”he thought.

The dazzling light forced D to close his eyes for a second, but when he was able to see again, he was frozen beside the lake. Another M floated above the water surface, curling up and was asleep.

“…As you see, I am sleeping. Who you’re talking to is just energy,”the one who chased D stepped in, sighed, and talked calmly as if he had never started running,“Do you understand what it means?”

D quivered with both curiosity and the fear to what he predicted. He then shook his head.

“I was a nightmare,”M took a glance at D with no glimmer in his blood-red eyes,”You are not the first, but neither am I. And there aren’t any black unicorns in the world. Think about that. How can the symbol of holiness and light be in the color of black?”

“But you have a horn!”D couldn’t help from interrupting.

“Mine is not used to detoxify! It was the energy resource of the life!”

D felt the oxygen in his lungs was pushed out of his body, but the picture of the withering Original Tree appeared in his mind. A terrible thought jumped up.

“And it needs to be recharged periodically like human’s battery,”D heard a voice of sneer,“The best sacrificial object will be the blood of seven nightmares.”

Suddenly, D trembled with cold and fright, and turned around as quickly as he could, dashing into the bushes toward the entrance of the forest.

The sound of M’s heavy steps went closer behind. Long legs gave the chaser higher speed. He could even hear the breath puffing out of M’s throat and it touched the skin behind his neck, with fury and excitement.

“Stop there!”

D hardly heard anything but only ran. His eyes caught a narrow gap between two thick-branched beech tree. In the next second, he jump through it in order to cast off the nightmare behind him.

To his comfort, something thumped toward the tree and the branch seemed to be stabbed through.

“Stop! Stand straight please, my little head of the clan! Shouldn’t you sacrifice yourself to save the clan?”

While M was struggling to pull out his horn from the wood, he exclaimed loudly with his low voice just like a bishop announcing and praising the knights who sacrificed their lives to guard the honor of belief.

Nevertheless, bishops didn’t always have a good ending. All of a sudden, a crackling sound combined with shrill screaming bursted out. The first nightmare of this generation looked back, seeing no one but a fractured black horn, with the glimmer of obsidian, shot towards his forehead with lightning speed.

He lost his consciousness in strict pain. Therefore, he didn’t see the cut on the tree gradually healed on its self. A new light-colored scar covered on the old dark ones.

Nightmare was a kind of creature who eats dreams. Every adult nightmare took his job to eating up the bad dreams in the world. 

Thousands of years, human always took it as a mythology, even a joke. But they noticed that more and more people on the continent were woken up in a sweat in late night by the terrifying dream.

Deep in the Nightmare Forest, the first nightmare of his generation, who had been a nightmare, was still watching over the Original Tree of Nightmare, and waiting for the next first nightmare’s birth in this world. The beautiful, black horn on his forehead shined the same glimmer as the lollipop in his mouth did.


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